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I'm Megan! I founded Nature Gemz in 2019 to share my passion for handmade products, originally resin jewelry and rings and we are now focused on makeup bags and soon to drop candles!

About us

I founded Nature Gemz in 2019 (at 15!). I am now a current media and communications studies student at university. My business has adapted and grown along with me. With originally having sold resin rings and jewelry, we have now moved onto makeup bags and candles!

In January of 2021, my resin rings started doing very well on Etsy and I went from 30 sales to over 350 sales! I've decided that I would prefer to run my own website instead of Etsy so this is the new site. As for now I am only shipping in Canada since I still need to figure out taxes to send packages international but I should be shipping internationally by the end of this coming week! 

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Instagram: @nature.gemz

Tiktok: @naturegemz

Pinterest: @naturegemz

YouTube: @Megscraftz

LinkedIn: Nature Gemz