• Eco-Conscious

  • Donating Profits to Replant Trees

  • Student Owned

  • Handmade in Canada

Handmade by us!

I'm Megan, a university student based out of Toronto, Ontario. I founded Nature Gemz in 2019 to share my passion for sustainability and creativity and all items are handmade by me or a member of our team!

About us

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Do you ship internationally?

On this website we ship to all of Canada, USA, Europe and Australia! Feel free to message us if you are outside of these regions!

What are you shipping details?

The majority of our prodcuts are made to order and are sent from Toronto, Canada. They take about 1-2 weeks to ship out and are sent via Canada post. No tracking number is inlcuded due to the expensive cost. Your order will arrive in 1-4 weeks depending on how far it is being shipped!

Is everything really handmade?

Yes! Each makeup bag is hand sewn by me or my grandmother who has been helping sew our bags :)

How is your brand sustainable?

I have a passion for the environment and sustainability, when creating Nature Gemz I knew it was something I wanted to focus on. We are proud to donate a portion of our profits to Stand for Trees, an organization that replants trees in areas where they have been clear cut. We also try our best to remove excess plastic packing in our orders. We will continue to look for more sustainability opportunities in the future!